Thursday, 5 March 2020


Dear Gangadhara Rao,      
Concern of our CWC members and their family members about the situation in India, due to the deadly virus of Corona is quite genuine.  Some of our comrades have undergone cardiac surgery and hence they do not want to take risk.  Almost every who responded have opined that CWC meeting could be postponed. So let us postpone the meeting.    If comrades of UPE/Gorakhpur are willing we can hold it there itself sometime in September 2020, because that will the best weather condition.

Our Demand is crystallized and confirmed

 In several CWC meetings we discussed the demand for future pension revision and consciously decided to demand pension revision with CPC fitment benefits; independent of Pay Revision in BSNL; irrespective of the financial condition of BSNL.  The AIC in Bangalore in 2015 too decided it.  In the special AIC in 2016 we placed this demand before late Sh. Ananthkumar ji.   In CWC at Kanyakumari we decided to resort to legal action as the last resort.   Now, Minister has declared the government decision to link our pension revision with pay revision and profit of BSNL. It is official.  It is the finality.  It is the ‘cause of action’.  We are bound to act according to CWC decision. File the case as early as possible.

 Decision of AIC is final.  Nobody should go against that decision. We must maintain discipline in the organization, by everybody, senior or junior.  Somebody may have a second thought or new strange revelations.  But, as an organization, we should be firm and we must go by the democratic decisions.

Let us file the case and see the fate of it.  Future is quite uncertain in either way.  I do not expect that the Minister will change his mind or the government will change its policy. Court case is the last resort.  We are pushed to the wall.  We have no other way. There is no need of waiting indefinitely 
… P S Ramankutty.  5-3-2020
CWC be postponed expressed by many.
As decided in the Bangalore secretariat, CHQ may initiate legal action 
Circle  Secretary, Tamilnadu Circle
R. Venkatachalam. 


  1. All the doors are closed and there is no other way except for seeking legal remedy. We can't wait further. We can't expect any fruitful decisions from the Govt.

  2. Since we have already two cases of LPD & 78.2%IDA merger to be effcted wef 1-1-2007, Pension revision is to be added with this. By.nnr.tnj.