Sunday, 10 January 2021



Now CCA office has started sanctioning pension through SAMPANN for JANUARY 2020 VRS OPTEES since February/March 2020 and EPPOs  were issued approximately for 200 Pensioners. Subsequently  due to corona lock down, the   process of Pension was slowed down and Sanction of pension was given priority. CCA Office has sent soft copy of EPPOs   and it was decided that individual has to take the printout. It was a decision for all those who retired on Superannuation during 2020.

We were not able to  have a direct meeting with the Officers of CCA Office. On 05.11.2020 our CS com R.Venkatachalam  and com V.Ramarao CP had a meeting with CCA and Jt. CCA at R.K.Nagar. During the meeting they insisted for issue of hard copies of signed PPO . CCA  told that more than 8000 PPOs are to be printed and due to shortage  of staff, they have a plan to engage external agency for printing of PPOs and accordingly  Tender process is in progress.  On 15.12.2020 RV CS and S. Sundarakrishnan , ACS/DS STR met Jt.CCA  and AO Pension and  discussed various issues. During that time also we  emphasized the necessity of the issue of hard copies of EPPOs .They told that decision has been finalized and the work of printing will commence by January 2021 and EPPO  will be despatched within a couple of months. The same was told in the recently held virtual  Adalat also.
With warm Greetings.
S.Sundarakrishnan ,
DS/ STR Division,  Chennai

Friday, 1 January 2021


AIBSNLPWA திருச்சி 
மாவட்ட பொறுப்பு செயலாளராக 
தோழர். M .சித்திராஜ் அவர்கள்
வாழ்த்துகள் .
தோழர். சித்திராஜ் கைப்பேசி எண் :94861 07570.
--மாநில செயலர்