Saturday, 31 December 2016

Today our leaders Com.G.Natarajan, GS, Com. K.Muthiyalu,CS TN Circle, Com.M.Govindarajan CS ChTD, Com. Vittoban CHQ Treasurer and S.Ramakrishnan Asst.Circle Secy, TN Cicle met our CMD and presented a memorandum. He read our memorandum and assured us to do the needful at the earliest. The meeting with CMD was very congenial.

All India BSNL Pensioners’ Welfare Association (Regd. No.1833/09)
Central Headquarters
AH 189/61, 3rd Street, Aurovile Flats, Anna Nagar, Chennai-600040

President: P.S.Ramankutty                                                  General Secretary: G.Natarajan
Mobile – 09447551555                                                           Mobile – 09444929799
            Date: 31/12/2016
The Chairman cum Managing Director, BSNL,
Camp at Chennai.


On behalf of our Association we wish you a very happy New Year.  We also hope that BSNL under your stewardship would prosper in 2017.  We welcome you, sir, to the City of Chennai.

We would like to draw your kind personal attention on the following three important issues confronted by the Retired employees.
1)    Restoration of ‘without voucher’ facility under BSNLMRS to retired employees
You may be aware that most of the senior citizens are having health problems viz. BP, Sugar, Arthiritis etc.  Some are having heart problems.  All of them require constant medication.  More than 90% of retired employees on an average spend more than Rs.3000/- p.m. for medicines.  Due to cumbersome procedure many do not claim reimbursement.  They are not in a position to meet the expenditure out of their pension.  For the past 5 years they are suffering without the facility of ‘without voucher’.  Hence we seek your intervention for restoration of that facility atleast to the retired employees.
2)    Benefit of 78.2% IDA merger for those who retired prior to 10/6/2013
DoT issued orders on 18/7/2016 for extending the benefit of 50% DA merger (78.2% IDA merger) to those who retired prior to 10/6/2013.  Para 7 of that order clearly states “The exercise to extend benefit of these orders to the pensioners/family pensioners should be completed by 31/12/2016”.  The time-limit was part of Cabinet Note which was approved by the Cabinet.  BSNL corporate office endorsed the above order on 26/7/2016 and para 3 of that order reiterates the time-limit.  The said time-limit is already over but most of the BSNL units have not even forwarded the sanction to CCAs.  According to our information, some circles like Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Chatisgarh the progress is comparatively better.  But in other circles, the progress is very slow.  Even in Tamilnadu circle few SSAs like Cuddalore, Coimbatore, Coonoor etc. have not completed their job.  Not even 20% of pensioners/family pensioners got the benefit by this date.  We seek your kind immediate intervention in this regard.
3)    Concessional telephone to retired employees
On the above subject we wrote a letter on 19/9/2016 to CMD, BSNL.  On 25/11/2016 we met the concerned DGM in Corporate office and discussed the issue.  He assured to do the needful in this regard but till now it is not resolved.  The brief of the case is as follows:
The concession was given to retired/retiring employees w.e.f. 1/10/1998 vide DoT order No.2-79/94-PHA dated 25/9/1998 and the basic condition was that one is
eligible to this concession provided he/she has put in a minimum service of 20 years in DoT.  It was further clarified by DoT vide order No.2-79/94-PHA dated 20/3/2009 under point 3 “The employees who have completed 20 years of service in DoT irrespective of whether they retire from DoT or any other department/organization, are eligible for the concessional telephone facility applicable to Retired DoT employees.   

Para 4 of BSNL corporate office letter dated 20/7/2007 states “The telephone will be rent free with the following concessions in free calls over and above the free calls allowed to an ordinary subscriber”.  In the text it was mentioned only free calls but in the column, it is mentioned as free local calls (Monthly).
Para 6 of the same corporate office letter dated 20/7/2007 states “concessional telephones under Retired BSNL employee category as per these instructions shall be provided under One India tariff plan irrespective of exchange capacity”. 

The concept of One India tariff is ‘ one rupee call charge for anywhere in India’.  In such an eventuality, allowing the concession only to local calls in the name of loss of revenue is not understandable.  Further all the absorbees have completed more than 20 years service in DoT and hence they are entitled for free calls (and not free local calls) asper DoT clarificatory order dated 20/3/2009.  The absorbees have not only served in DoT but also in BSNL and those BSNL retirees should be made eligible for concession atleast on par with DoT retirees, if not, more.

We request for immediate action in this regard.

                                                                             Yours faithfully,

                                                                           General Secretary.
Copy to:
Director (HR), BSNL,
Camp at Chennai

Circle President,
Circle Secretary,
Circle Treasurer 
and other
Circle Office Bearers

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dear comrades,
I spoke to Director (Pension) Shri.Harjeetsingh and told him that DoT had made a reference to DoP PW regarding extending 7th CPC benefits like gratuity, minimum pension etc to BSNL IDA pensioners. 

He told that why they wanted clarification every time and they should do it as per CCS pension Rules. Any way he  had not seen the file . He wanted the reference of DoT so that he could pick up the file and clear it.

I tried to get Director ( Estt) , but she was busy. Then I talked to SO Pension to get the reference. He told that it was yet to go to DoP PW and at present it was with the Director (Estt). This is the state of affairs. 

Our Vice President Com. D Gopalakrishnan spoke to Shri S K Jain, DDG(EST) of Department of Telecom yesterday.
78.2 Revision:
Com. DG pointed out undue delay in processing the cases in most of the Circles. The target date is fast approaching but the work is very sluggish. DDG told that he checked up with UP East Circle. There, more than 50% of he cases are settled. Com. DG pointed out that it is not the case with other Circles. For example; in Tamilnadu Circle hardly 20% cases have been settled. Then DDG informed that Directorate has issued two reminders to all CCAS. It will be followed up.
Benefits of seventh CPC:
Com. DG reminded the DDG of our discussion last month regarding issuance of orders extending the benefit of Seventh CPC report on upper limit of Gratuity, new Commutation, Minimum Pension etc. to the BSNL IDA pensioners. DDG informed that DoT has sought guidance from Department of Pension in this regard. As soon as the guidance is received from DOPW necessary orders will be issued.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

BSNL has constituted a Committee of five officers with Smt. Anuadha Panda, PGM (PF) as chair person to examine the wage structure of serving Non Executive staff of BSNL. 
There is no representative of BSNLEU or NFTE-BSNL, two recognized unions. 
The Committee will not start functioning immediately. It will start the work after getting parameters from Department of Public Enterprises. The Terms of Reference of the Committee is also no finalized.
Just, a committee is constituted.
The Wage Revision of serving officers (Executives) depends upon the Report of third Pay Revision Committee. There is no definite information about the PRC report, even though the time limit is over.
Wage Revision of Non Executives depends upon the negotiations between BSNL Management and the Recognized Unions. Rather, it depends upon the bargaining capacity of the Unions.
BSNL will not discuss Pension Revision, as the Pension is being paid to BSNL retirees by Government of India, not by the Company.

Next meeting of SCOVA (Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies) is notified to be held on 12-01-2017 at 11 AM.
The Agenda Items are not yet confirmed. We hope that the Item given by Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association demanding pension @ 50% of Last Pay Drawn for all the pensioners - those who retired before 1-1-2006 - will find a place in the agenda. We are waiting for official notification.
Karnataka comrades have prepared CDs containing the the entire programme of our Special Conference held in Palace Grounds, Bengaluru on 12-11-2016 where all Circles felicitated Shri Ananthakumarji.
The Two CDs cost Rs 50.00.
Those who want the CDs may contact Circle Secretary Com. R Changappa over 09448353132.
.... P S Ramankutty

Monday, 26 December 2016


On 4th August 2016, Department of Pension issued Office Memoranda implementing some of the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission. 
On 22-8-2016 the Department of Telecom endorsed the above OMs without specifying whether they are applicable to BSNL IDA pensioners. 
Now, after four months, on 21-12-2016, the Corporate Office of BSNL has endorsed the DoT Orders and the OM from Department of Pension. BSNL also has not stated anything about BSNL pensioners.
These days, one order will cause number of clarifications. One clarification results in number of confusion....
All memorandas are available in our CHQ web. Or click the link to get connected to CHQ.

Friday, 23 December 2016

நமது மாநில செயலர்  சிறப்புரை 

அரங்கு நிறைந்த கூட்டம் 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Com A. Sugumaran presided over the meeting. Two minutes were observed for
Selvi J. Jayalalitha, TN Chief Minister, Sri Cho Ramaswamy, 
Sri Ko.Si. Mani, Sri Balamuralikrishna, our member 
Com G. Devarajan and Com S. Sivasankaran’s mother who passed away
during this period. Com S. Sridharan read out the minutes of the 
last meeting and got approval from the members.

Com S. Narasimhan conveyed birthday greetings to our members whose birthdays are coming in this month. He introduced the 8 new members to the General Body. He
conveyed STR Division family welfare news.  He said that IDA from 
January may stay at the present level of 120.3% or even may decrease
by1%. He said that some of STR Circle pensioners started getting arrears from bank.  He requested our members to give donations liberally to our association.
 He said that the arguments in the anomaly case filed by our All India
Association is  over and the judgement is expected soon in favour of us.
He said that STP Circle has completed processing of all 78.2% pension
revision cases and sent to DOT CELL. He informed that CHTD Circle has
also completed all pre 2007 & Post 2007 pension revision cases and 
sent to DOT CELL. CTO & EX CPT SSA (merged with CHTD LATER) cases 
are only pending. 

Com D.S. Ramalingam welcomed all the Chief Guests. He said that the 
pension revision work in TN Circle office was almost completed. He
said that he is taking serious efforts to enroll old members in our 
Association. He said that STR Division is going to honour our members
who have crossed 70 years in this meeting.  He said we are ready to
honour any member who have corssed 70 years and whose name is
if missing in the list. 
Then our members who have crossed 70 years in this year were honoured
with shawl.  
Com A. Sugumaran spoke about pensioners day importance. 
He said that upto 1979 the maximum pension is 675/- only. It is Rs.1000/-
in 3rd pay commission. The supreme court judgement on 17-12-11982
in Nakara case is a landmark judgement about pension. Central 
Govt pension for BSNL pensioners was ensured by Govt. because of the
sincere efforts of Com Om.P Guptha and Com Vallinayagam and by the 
employees 3 days strike. 
Sri Periasamy, DGM (F) TN Circle during his speech that there was lot of misunderstanding between CCA Office and CGM Office in processing pension cases. He cited 3 cases like, 3% increment case, officiating increment, Phone Mechanic cases. He said that Karaikudi and Salem SSAs have completed all the cases and sent to DOT CELL.  In bonus issue he said that his office has credited the amount in bank for all eligible pensioners and some cases were returned from bank for want of incorrect particulars. He requested the pensioners to give correct bank account details. He said almost all the 78.2% pension revision work is over.
Com Vallinayagam said that he is very proud to be one of the two signatories  along with Com Guptha for signing the Pension agreement for BSNL. He said that BSNL is the only first public sector unit getting Govt pension. He explained in detail about the 3 days strike for that period. He said that 99.9% of the employees took part in that strike.  Because of the united fight by the employees, Govt. has come down and agreed for the Pension for BSNL. 
Com K. Muthiyalu told the history of Nakara case and explained the importance of PENSIONERS DAY. He said that BSNL pensioners are now getting Govt. Pension because Com Vallinayagam &  Com Om. P. Guptha’s serious talks with the Govt. during pension strike. He also explained about the 3 days strike by the employees for that. He said that BSNL workers and Pensioners are now enjoying all the benefits of Central Govt. employees. When the 78.2% pension revision case was kept in cold storage by Finance Ministry we sought the help from Cabinet Minister Sri Ananthakumar. Now we have settled the 78.2% IDA Pension revision issue. Similarly we are demanding pension revision at par with Central Govt. Pensioners. He said that we will also achieve this goal very soon.
Com Sundarakrishnan conveyed vote of thanks. 127 members attended the meeting.