Tuesday, 25 August 2020


CGHS empanelled list of Chennai Hospitals and Diagnostic centres up dated up to January 2019 is brought forward . By clicking the link given below you can see them.



Monday, 24 August 2020

                                        BSNL AUTHORISED


Thursday, 13 August 2020


We filed the case before Principal Bench CAT Delhi and we got a favourable judgement on 16/12/2016.

But it was not implemented. So we filed contempt petition.

DoT filed writ appeal against CAT judgement.

Contempt proceedings were dropped but we were given the liberty to revive the petition in the event of survival of CAT order in Delhi HC.

Delhi HC dismissed the appeal on 24/1/2020 directing the respondents to implement CAT order within 8 weeks.

That time-line ended on 24/3/2020. Meanwhile we wrote to DoT to implement the judgement and our representatives in Delhi viz. Anupam kaul And R.L. Kapoor were constantly following up the matter.

Estt. Section of DoT sent the file to Pension department and it is understood that they have given green signal to implement the decision with a rider to seek the approval of Expenditure department.

So, the file was sent to DoT Accounts/Finance wing.  The file is lying there for several weeks.

The file has to go to Expenditure department and then to Legal department also.

We had to tolerate some delay because of lockdown.

In view of the inordinate delay we have revived the contempt petition before Hon PB, CAT, Delhi today by filing the petition virtually.

On behalf of our Association Shri R L Kapoor signed the petition.

P Gangadhara Rao   

General Secretary

                                         A FITTING REPLY BY OUR  
                            CIRCLE PRESIDENT.





Wednesday, 12 August 2020


The speech of one Ananthkumar Hegde abusing the BSNL staff and calling them Desh-drohis is viral in media now. News of all virus are viral. “Anathkumar” is a name so dear to our hearts. Not this Ananthakumar. Hence I do not like to mention Ananthkumar in following lines. This new avtar is a special Desh-premi, notorious for making unwanted controversial statements. Creating controversy is an ugly game by some dirty politicians. Such people spill out filth often. This Desh-Premi was a minister of state earlier, for skill development. May be for his great skill, Shri Modiji did not give the berth again to him. Minister of Stage can utter any nonsense.

According to the information available in internet, while contesting for lok sabha elections last time, this deshpremi filed papers showing the assets of his family as about Rs 17 crores. A senior officer in BSNL cannot become crorepati like this deshpremi. Ordinary ‘Desh-Drohis’ in BSNL cannot dream of Rs. One Crore. Forget it. There are many such deshpremis in Indian politics.

Few days back a natural disaster took place in a remote village near Munnar, in Kerala. About 80 people with their houses were washed away. Outside world did not know of the incident because the BSNL network was damaged. There was no JIo in that place. There was no Airtel or Vodaphone either. Only BSNL of deshdrohis was there in remote village. BSNL was asked to restore the telecom service immediately. Most of the deshdrohis were sent out of BSNL under VRS; only few were there in service. Those few started. They could not proceed because a bridge on the way was washed away. They proceeded through the forest in a vehicle provided by forest department. That was possible to some distance. Then the deshdrohis walked all the way through the forest carrying a generator. They restored the telecom mobile network by 4 PM.

It is the latest one only. Deshdrohi BSNL workers did it in Orissa, in Chennai, in Tamilnadu, in Andhra, in Uttranchal, at Latur and in many areas affected by Tsunami in 2004. In Orissa the deshdrohis worked day and night without taking food, without even drinking water while standing in flood water up to their neck level.

Telecom system constructed in 30 years were damaged by cyclone in three hours. Deshdrohi workers reconstructed it and restored the service within three days. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, the minister for communication repeatedly appreciated it. You cannot expect if from Deshpremi Hegdes.

Deshpremi is abusing Unions. He has no skill to understand that 10-15 years ago, when the unions were much stronger, BSNL earned profit of Rs. 10000 crores per year. The countrywide telecom infrastructure was developed and established in India, in the remotest hamlets even, by these deshdrohis. This Deshpremi declares that more people will be sent out. Then, if another cyclone or landslide takes place who will be there to restore the telecom service? JIO? AIRTEL? VODAPHONE? Will this Deshpremi has the vertebra to stand erect and ask Ambanis to restore the communication system?

The Telecom staff unions in Karnataka should jointly react. The Workers - the Deshdrohis - will react when they get chance after three years- be it in Uthara Kannada or any other place.

I want to tell this Deshpremi that we the retired Deshdrohis of BSNL have donated Rs 104 lakhs to the Distress Relief Funds of Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister.

P Gangadhara Rao,  General Secretary

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Dear Comrades, Request for issue of Mapping Scale in order to migrate to CGHS is under process and expected to be completed by CCA office within the next fortnight.
Circle Secretary

Thursday, 6 August 2020

திரு A. சங்கரராஜ் SDE  ஒய்வு  கோயம்புத்தூர் அவர்கள் இன்று நம்முடன் ஆயுட்கால உறுப்பினராக இணைந்தார் அவரை வருக வருக என்று இரு கரம் கூப்பி வரவேற்கிறோம். இப்பொழுது நம் இயக்கத்தின் கோவை உறுப்பினர் எண்ணிக்கை 1215.
இன்று நமது சங்கத்தில் புதியதாக கீழ்க்கண்ட ஐந்து உறுப்பினர்கள் ஆயுள் சந்தாதாரராக சேர்ந்து கொண்டனர் அனைவரையும் நமது மாவட்ட சங்கத்தின் சார்பாக இருகரம் கூப்பி வரவேற்கிறோம்

1.P. குமாரவேல் TT,

2.S. மனோகரன் SS(O)

3. G கலையரசி TT

4. ஜோதிமணி SI(O)

 5.C பெருமாள் MD.

Com. ராபர்ட் மாவட்டச் செயலர் NFTE அவர்கள் இவர்களுடைய படிவங்களை பெற்றுக்கொடுத்தார்

 தற்பொழுது நமது மாவட்டத்தின் ஆயுட்கால உறுப்பினர்கள் எண்ணிக்கை 1220.

மாநில சங்கம் அனைவரையும் வரவேற்கிறது. கோவை மாவட்ட சங்கத்துக்கு பாராட்டுக்கள். நமது அமைப்பிற்கு அழைத்து வந்த NFTE மாவட்ட செயலாளர் தோழர் ராபர்ட்ஸ் க்கு நன்றி.

ஆர் வீ  மா செ


Saturday, 1 August 2020

                    Please add name of Shri R Bhuvaneswaran,                               SDE,Puliyankudi, Tirunelveli who donated Rs. 50000.00      .