Friday, 7 May 2021


AIBSNLPWA TN CIRCLE, has been vigorously pursuing with CCA office for issuing Co-authorisation of Family Pension to the physically challenged disabled child.  It was discussed in various adalat. It was initiated by  STR DIVISION as there are 8 cases amongst their members.

Some how or other no decision was taken by CCA Office ,  stating that as no provision in PPO and all. One sentence reply used to be given stating that "it would be considered as and when occasion arises" like that . 

During 2019 ,CCA office told that cases are simply forwarded by BSNL Units without proper recommendation. Based on effort ,CCA Office prepared a draft sanction memo to be signed by GM BSNL  for  co-authorisation of Pension and sent to STR. Sri.D.Tamizhmani PGM STR Chennai  was very much kind enough to send the documents with specific sanction Subsequently due to bulk VRS ,COVID19  lock down etc. ,this could not be moved so fast and we also could not go to CCA Office  

We took up this issue during Dec 2020 Virtual Adalat. Sri.Dhakshinamurthy Joint CCA assured that he would  look into it . During Jan 2021 ,Joint CCA called us to come for discussion. Circle Secretary and ACS Com. S.Sundarakrishnan went to CCA Office , discussed the matter with Jt.CCA. CCA office wanted the disability certificate in a prescribed pro-forma as approved by Govt.of India. Original individual Certificate has to be submitted to CCA Office.We requested to return the original to individuals after sanction. As Sri.Dhakshinamurthy  Joint CCA Pension  and Sri. Chandramouli Sr.AO Pension will be retiring this month and we requested to settle this issue early. They assured that they would settle it before their retirement. 

Five such cases have  been processed and orders issued two days back. 2 cases from ChTD,  Muthulakshmi TVL SSA,  Azhagarasi DPI SSA and  Usha STR . Today we contacted Joint CCA and Sr.AO pension regarding

a) Return of original Medical Certificate. They assured that it would  be sent through BSNL UNITS.

b) They also assured that all such cases received at CCA office were being pursued and orders would  be issued by this month. We conveyed thanks to Joint CCA and Sr. AO Pension. As we have paved the way, this procedure will continue. It is worth to mention that CCA Tamilnadu is the first circle which has initiated and found out a solution.

 With Fraternal Greetings,

Tamilnadu Circle secretary.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

With grief filled heart  we post the sad news of the untimely demise news of our Circle  Vice President  Com S.SRIDHARAN aged  79 today morning.It is a shocking news to all of us.  Com.S.Sridharan was an active field worker of NFTE since his early days of service. Very soft spoken personality and strict to his Principle .He never hesitated to express his ideas in the meetings..He is a District Office Bearer Of STR DIVISION .He held the portfolio of AGS in the Federation of All INDIA Pensioners Association. His services to the organisation will ever cherish in the minds of our comrades.His departure is a great loss to our Association .  
We express our deepest condolence to the bereaved members of the family.
Pray the almighty to keep his soul at peace