Thursday, 12 July 2018

Dear Comrades,  
Up to so far we were receiving our pension from banks/Post offices every month. But now DOT has instructed ALL CCAs to credit pension payments directly to their pensioners bank accounts from CCA OFFICE itself and have instructed to stop the existing practice of engaging banks CPPCs in this regard.
Accordingly CCA TN has released a KYP FORM (KNOW YOUR PENSIONER) and asked all pensioners  to fill up that form and send to their office immediately. This is mandatory. NOT OPTIONAL.
All pensioners have to give this form duly filled in to CCA OFFICE.  A model copy of KYP form has been attached below. All District Secretaries are requested to take print outs and distribute to their  members.  It can not be sent through email or whatsapp because the pensioner/family pensioner has to attach xerox copies of birth certificate, PAN card and  Aadhaar cards. 
Before filling up the form please read it carefully. All District Secretaries are requested to illustrate and assist their members and check whether they had filled the form correctly. All datas of individuals will be updated in their system. Any wrong entry may cause problems.  
A specimen form is shown below.

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  1. kindly publish the DOT-ORDER IF ANY LETTER.Because there no information from our CHQ- WEB.