Saturday, 30 June 2018

Today 10 Employees of BSNL  Cuddalore SSA have retired on superannuation .   A grand fitting farewell function was conducted by Cuddalore BSNL administration  under the Presidentship of Sri Jayakumar Jayavel ,GMT, BSNL, CUDDALORE.
On behalf of our district AIBSNLPWA ,Cuddalore District. Secretary Com.R.Asokan honoured all ten retirees.
We feel very glad to announce that SIX out of ten retirees have joined our Association as Life Members. We welcome all comrades with folded hands.
Their names are given below.
 Jayakumar    AGM, Nemidoss OS ,. Kandeepan TT, Gubendran TT , Murugan TT and  Paramasivam TT .
With the inclusion of this six members in our fold, the total number has gone to 743

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