Saturday, 4 August 2018

Our Thanjavur AIBSNLPWA unit is having a sub organization namely  BSNL Uthavum Ullangal, Thanjavur under the able guidance of  Com V.Swaminathan, Dist.Secy, along with the enthusiastic and active personalities of serving  and retired persons . The noble service unit was started about 15 years ago. Our PGMT Sri C.Vinodh, Thanjavur regularly donates liberally and a retired DGM Smt. Chandra Kumari had donated her last month salary of 1.5 lakhs  to the Noble BSNL Udhavum Ullangal,Thanjavur. Likewise so many comrades of our AIBSNlPWA Thanjavur Dist branch are  voluntarily donating considerable amounts for  the effective functioning of this unit . During New year day and other festival occasions helping hands are extended to  the orphanages, mentally retorted homes, deaf and dump homes and Mudhiyor  Kaappahangal not for one or two years but for entire 15 years or more.
Some of the humane service activities carried from June 2018 to till date is summarised below for the kind notice  of our comrades.

1. A sum of Rs.30,000/- has been  donated to  Selvi.Atchaya, grand daughter of Sri.Muniandi, a native of Thanjavur for her admission to +1, She has  secured 473 out of 500 marks in the 10 th standard Public exams ,and the amount was donated by Sri. C.Vinoth PGMT, Thanjavur, on 14th June,2018 in the monthly meeting.

2.An amount of Rs.15,000/= was donated to Selvi. Sathya, and Sri Rajesh daughter and son of Sri .Senthil a staff of Thanjavur municipal corporation, for their school fees and to meet the cost of uniforms.

3.For Kaduveli Kappaham Thanjavur, an amount of Rs.30,000/= donated for school fees and for the cost of uniform for three students on the aided schools. Also we have supplied stationeries like 420 nos of King size notebooks,420 nos of long size note books along with 400 ball point pens at an expenditure of Rs.35,000/=.

4.Anbalayam, Thanjavur ,a mentally distorted kappaham-
We have provided Bore Well Water facility at a depth of 200 feet with submersible motor at a cost of aboutRs1.5 lakhs cost with a considerable concessional rate including labour charges .

5.In  Anbalayam hither to cooking was carried out in   open place with ordeal   difficulties during rainy and winter seasons. In order to make a full stop to the above said difficulties we initiated action and provided "Asbestos Sheets shed"   for comfortable cooking. The cost rose to Rs 30,000/= and the entire  amount was donated by Sri.C.V.Thangaiyan, Circle  org.Secy, and President of Kottai Rotary Club, Pattukkottai .
Likewise a lot of activities are to be carried out in future also with enthusiasm and fervor which would be brought to your notice then and there .
Long Live AIBSNLPWA.    Long Live BSNL Udhavum Ullangal.
Fraternally yours,
Vice President,AIBSNLPWA,
Thanjavur Dist. Branch., Thanjavur.
                Bore well drinking water facilities made by us  at Anbalayam,Thanjavur.
                   Asbestos sheets  shed for cooking at Anbalayam, Thanjavur.
Sri. C. Vinoth PGMT, BSNL Thanjavur donates Rs30,000/- to selvi. Atchaya,for her11th std study expenses in Thanjavur on 14.6.2018.
                                               Hats off to Thanjavur Comrades!!!

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