Tuesday, 15 May 2018

AIBSNLPWA Tamilnadu  Circle had arranged a “PENSION WORKSHOP” Meeting today 15-5-18 at 6th Floor, F/Bzr Tele Exge Building, Chennai. Com V. Rama Rao presided over the meeting. In his presidential address he explained about the formation of our Association, BSNL Pensioners Problems and how we solved them. Com K. Muthiyalu in his address welcomed all the special guests and our district secretaries for this workshop. Shri Amudhavanan, E.O., BSNL, CHTD inaugurated the workshop. The Special speaker Com V. Mari, A.O., Pension Section, KKD & District Secretary, NFTE, KKD SSA explained about the pension rulings. He quoted many problematic pension cases and how he solved them in KKD SSA. He gave the important things to be done by an employee before filing his self pension cases. He also gave very useful information about family pension rulings to our members with  various examples. Com Arivazhagan, Retd. A.O., also gave some tips about the forms that should be submitted to the office and banks for claiming pension and family pension. Com Sangli, Retd., DGM, Finance, CHTD also spoke on this occasion and explained the pension rulings in detail. The morning session ended with a break for lunch.

The afternoon session started to discuss about BSNL MRS rulings. Sri Udayakumar, JAO, STR, CNI explained various procedures for indoor and outdoor medical bill claims. Our All India General Secretary Com G. Natarajan spoke about BSNL MRS issues. He told that he has discussed the BSNL MRS issue with Director, HRD and other Officers BSNL in New Delhi. He also explained about the future pension revision.
Com D. Gopalakrishnan spoke about the forthcoming TN Circle and All India Conferences. He also told about the family pension rulings those were left out in the morning session. He explained in detail about our future pension revision plans.      
Com Arunachalam, AGS gave some important information about pension revision and pension rulings.  Com N.S. Deenadayalan conveyed vote of thanks.  Almost all Divisional Secretaries from Tamilnadu attended the Workshop. In total the WORKSHOP was a very useful event for all the leaders assembled there to clear their doubts and the proper procedure to claim pension and family pension for pensioners.
Once again AIBSNLPWA has proved that it Cares the Pensioners.
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