Sunday, 7 June 2020

Dear friends,
The whole world is passing through difficult times. Pandemic is spreading in India and Delhi is the second worst state after Mumbai. Hundreds of people are dying on daily basis. Though Government says that hospitals have beds, the patients are dying by going from one hospital to other hospitals.  Positive cases are rising at an alarming rate. Delhi metro is not operating. Still 20 employees of Delhi Metro have tested positive. There is a strict advisory from the Govt that moving of people  aged 65 plus is inviting death . The situation is like this since last three months and is not likely to improve .
Some of our friends are posting after every week that their payments are not made. They can be right at their place.
What they want is that circle secretary  should take a bus from Noida go to Kidwai Bhawan and settle the issue .
They don't understand that circle secretary  is also 65 plus and going out is a big risk for him. If he dies due to Corona none of them will be able even to attend his last rites.
Without hurting anyone I suggest let us elder people survive this pandemic.  Let us concentrate on our well beings. Your pending dues are important but they are not more important than our lives. Let this pandemic situation pass,  we will surely make efforts to ensure redressal of your issues. Regards....
Anupam Kaul,  AGS & CS Delhi  circle. V
Message posted By  CHQ .

இந்த பதிவு நமது மாநிலதிற்கும் பொருந்தும்
மா செ

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