Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Dear Comrades. Today I had spoken with AO Pension O/o CCA He informed that taking risk some of the staff and AO/AAOs are attending office for the release of e- PPO  to VRS 2019 retirees even during this critical period. Pension payment for June 2020 and Provisional Pension for left out pensioners will be drawn by CCA office. By 10th July they would like to complete the   e- PPO release for VRS 2019
His request is that all of them are taking risk in attending office with thrill/fear and requested to pray God  that they should have a  good health. Definitely Our prayers will reach God. 
HATS Off to the yeoman services of CCA OFFICE.
Thanking you. 
ACS.  TN Circle.

The contribution by the Officers and Staff of CCA Office in this difficult period of Covid 19  pandemic is unparallel and rightly put forth by our ACS Com. Sundarakrishnan. we all wish good health to them
Circle Secretary.


  1. A good job by CCA staff. We pray for their safety and sound health atvthis odd hour. Congratulations to Circle Secretary and office bearers for their co operation with CCA staff. H.Meenakshi Sundaram CTS retd Trichy

  2. Many of the VRS optees especially in the cadre of TTs were not able to know the details of the amount credited, recovery towards society settlement and other deduction. Circle may pl to take n/a to issue the details to the VRS optees.