Friday, 13 April 2018

நமது சங்க மாதாந்திர கூட்டம் 
வருகின்ற 21.4.18 
சனிக்கிழமை மாலை 
சரியாக 4 மணியளவில் 
செவ்வை தொலைபேசிநிலையத்தில் நடைபெறும்.
கூட்டத்தில் அனைவரும் 
கலந்து கொண்டு 
மாவட்டசெயலர் .
மேற்கு மாவட்டம்.சேலம்
Dear comrades, today our AIBSNLPWA Erode branch meeting was held at Telephone Bhavan Erode. (09-04-2018 11 00  to 13 00 hrs). The meeting began with welcome address by Com. Attley. Presidential address  delivered by Com.Narasimhamoothi. District Secretary S.Eswaran gave a report regarding pension revision for DOT pensioners, 78.2  IDA pension revision for BSNL pensioners.  Pension revision demand from 01-01-2017 and it's development till date. MRS without voucher of Erode SSA.  Further orders for the same for next two quarters of 2017-18. Our CEC, CWC and AIC at PURI Odhissa  were informed to members. Attended members gave Rs. 50- each for our AIC. Then members discussed various issues like IT filing, Health Insurance, medical card renewal etc. Com. Krishnamurthy gave a report regarding local body house tax, UGD deposit and water taxes. There are some four cases pending which will be taken in CEC tomorrow. Then Vote of thanks was given by Com Murugan. 18 members attended the meeting. The meeting concluded with lunch which was sponsored by Com.Chandrasekaran and Com. Murugan. 
This is for the information of comrades who are unable to attend today's meeting. 

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