Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The usual second Saturday meeting  of the AIBSNLPWA Chennai Traffic Division had the unique distinction of hearing  Comrade D Gopalakrishnan’s speech after his visit from NEW DELHI. It is a rare co-incidence that the Leaders of  CHQ  returned Chennai on 9th night and the branch meeting was on  the following next day. More than  75 members gathered and listened  the speech with rapt attention.
Earlier the meeting started with One lady comrade CELEBRATED the victory of her participation in National Sports events in Bengaluru and won prizes in 400 meters Relay race at the age of 75+. The woman’s Day though not celebrated very elaborately, felicitated the prize winner Smt  Mangai  Soundararajan a sports woman of  Telecom Dept of yesteryears.
Com  D Gopalakrishnan , as all were eagerly awaiting to hear, was asked to give his meeting  with  officers and  Minister  at New Delhi. Com D. G., was very brief and explained their meeting with the Hon. Minister  Shri. Ananthakumar  and subsequent meeting with the Secretary Telecom and other high officials of the DOT.  
Our General Secretary and  vice president  along with two Leaders  from Bengaluru accompanied with the circle secretary of Delhi were in a position to explain the rationale behind the pension revision and gave a firm idea  about  some clarification sought after. Com D. G. specifically said that our leaders  were able to feel a welcome change in the attitude of all officers whom they met.  Adequate explanations were elaborated by our Leaders of CHQ,  may help to achieve the pension revision.  
He also said we have to achieve the revision before the end of the year. They have understood that existing pension plus IDA along with 32% fitment grant will not be a great problem as this was the same extended to the C. G. Employees. Even the periodic revision of pension once in 10 years and accepting the same extended to  C.G. Employees will have an acceptable solution.
Our  Leaders of CHQ wanted to  have  a meeting with the Member (Finance ) but it  could not take place as she had  to be present for a parliament meeting. However  they gave  a  detailed email  to her pointing out the  grievances met with the  CCAs  and  deputy  CCAs. A request to visit or depute an officer during the scheduled  Adalat  on May 16 was also placed before them.
As already pointed out the MRS will get a drastic changes from 01-04-2018.  MRS will be withdrawn for without vouchers and reduction in the allowance to be paid for with vouchers.
He finally expressed a satisfaction of meeting all high officials and their attitude  seems more receptive for our requests. Com V. Ramarao Circle President reminded about the ensuing Circle Executive at Pondicherry, the Central Working Committee Meeting in Chennai, Tamilnadu Circle Conference at Tiruchirapalli   and  All India Conference at Puri and requested to make  their presence for all activities of our association. He has donated  Rs1000/ for the branch on his Birth Day   Members wished him a long and Happy Birthday Greetings to him.  Chennai Traffic Division Secretary Com P. Satyanarayanan  gave a vote of thanks for all members and requested the donation of Rs 50/- for the Puri AIC as decided by Patna CWC from all members so as to send before 31st  March 2018.
Fraternally Yours,
Chennai Traffic Division.

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