Saturday, 27 January 2018

It is evident that our AIBSNLPWA only concerns more on the welfare of entire pensioners. Once again it has been proved  without any doubt. Yes. When the BSNL authority is keeping mum about the third and aftermath MRS payment without voucher, our association has taken the lead to solve the problem. Our GS has written a letter to BSNL CO and is now on the way to Delhi to discuss the issue with concerned authorities. 
Let us all hope for the best. Let us all sing the Ballad of our Association. The letter to BSNL CO is shown here under.

                                       (REGD. 1833/09)
                             CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS
AH 189/
61, 3rd Street, Aurovile Flats, Anna Nagar, Chennai-600040
President: P.S.Ramankutty.            General Secretary:G.Natarajan
Mobile – 09447551555                      Mobile – 09444929799

The Director (HR),
BSNL Co, Janpath, New Delhi.

Respected Madam,

Sub: Extension of BSNL MRS without voucher facility:

We are extremely thankful for restoration of without voucher facility to the Pensioners from April 2017. The order also envisaged Review of the Policy after Six months. The Third Quarterly Installment has also become due now. The pensioners who opted for w/o  voucher facility are put too much difficulty as they cannot submit the bills for reimbursement now.
Hence we request you madam kindly to extend this facility  up to April 2018 and any review can be done from April which will help the pensioners very much.
We will be extremely thankful for this kind action
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

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